PRISMA Graduate Education

Transferable Skills-Set for a Successful Career

Scientific education and academic experience do not necessarily lead to a skill set that supports career development in science, industry or commerce. To give our PhD students the ability to transfer their academic knowledge to non-academic contexts we set up the PRISMA Graduate Program.

The Program offers a variety of courses that support our doctoral candidates to further develop their transferable skill set. It is designed as an additional qualification during their doctorate at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz and it covers two areas: 

    1. A Skill Set for Research Environment

        Hands-on project: "DIY-PRISMA Research Symposium", including

      • Basics of event management: Forward-looking planning and organization
      • Basics of fundraising: Introduction in fundraising landscape and appropriate tools
      • Basics of successful teamwork

      In 2016 the PRISMA Research Symposium is organized by PhD students who do their doctorate in theoretical or experimental particle physics. In its first year 2017 the symposium is designed as an interactive event that brings together senior and young researchers from various fields in particle physics e.g. Flavor Physics, Dark Matter or String Theory. The 3-day symposium will take place in Mainz in Spring 2017.

      2. Skill Set for Career Management