International Summer School "Symmetries, Fundamental Interactions and Cosmology 2016

The international summer school will take place again in the Benedictine abbey "Frauenwörth" on the lovely Chiemsee island Frauenchiemsee in Bavaria/Germany from September 18 to 23, 2016.

The Summer School will be jointly organized by the excellence cluster PRISMA and the Graduate School Symmetry Breaking in Fundamental Interactions.

Lectures and topical talks will be presented by world-leading physicists in the fields of experimental particle physics, theoretical particle physics, mathematical physics and cosmology.

Following the lectures in the morning, we will have several slots for PhD students in the afternoon for presenting research to peers and supervisors.

Confirmed speakers

Wolfgang Altmannshofer  University of Cincinnati  Flavor physics 
Matthias Bartelmann
Heidelberg University  Cosmology 
Claude Duhr  UC Louvain
Eckhard Elsen
CERN-Director for Research and Computing
Andreas Hoecker
CERN-ATLAS  Experimental particle physics 
David E. Kaplan  Johns Hopkins University  BSM
Andreas Kronfeld
Fermilab, TUM  Lattice gauge theory
Wolfgang Kühn
Giessen University  Detector physics 
Walter Winter
DESY Zeuthen
Neutrino physics (theory)

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