Research Area C: Structure of Matter

Research Programme

    Precision measurements of low-energy observables and their theoretical interpretation play an increasingly important role in exploring the limits of the Standard Model. At PRISMA, we study low-energy processes in order to obtain insight into the internal structure of the nucleon and to explore properties of nuclear matter.

    Our research focuses on precision measurements of space-like and time-like form factors at the MAMI and BES-III facilities, which will contribute to resolving the current puzzles of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon and the proton radius. The Virtual Analysis Centre for Hadron Structure will host extensive studies of generalized parton distributions, thus helping to unravel the internal structure of the nucleon at unprecedented levels of detail. Ab initio calculations of key hadronic quantities are performed using lattice-QCD simulations, thereby complementing several of the major experimental activities. Properties of nuclear matter will be the subject of intensive research, spanning the entire range of the nuclear chart.

    Experiments at the TRIGA user facility and its TRIGA-SPEC experiments will serve to explore mechanisms of nucleosynthesis and support the production and investigation of superheavy elements. Studies of light hypernuclei offer the opportunity of gaining deeper insight into the nature of nuclear forces.