Overview: PRISMA at a Glance

Decades of intense experimental and theoretical research on fundamental interactions have culminated in two key questions:

  • Can we resolve the puzzle of mass?
  • Which phenomena will we encounter beyond the Standard Model?

Further progress can only be achieved in a concerted, coordinated and dedicated research effort, spanning the entire energy range, from cosmological observations and high-energy particle colliders to precision measurements performed at low energy scales.

PRISMA Cluster of Excellence offers the unique opportunity to launch several new key initiatives and projects, which will considerably enhance the impact of our research on the field at large. PRISMA provides a venue for a systematic and complementary study of fundamental interactions and their implications for the internal structure of luminous matter, the dark components of the Universe, and searches for “new physics”. PRISMA covers four research areas:

  A:  Fundamental Interactions
  B:  Origin of Mass and Physics beyond the Standard Model
  C:  Structure of Matter
  D:  Theoretical Concepts and Mathematical Foundations

    A significant part of the PRISMA funds will be used to construct new facilities:

      Mainz Energy-Recovering Superconducting Accelerator (MESA)
      TRIGA User Facility
      Detector Lab

      An important cornerstone of the PRISMA cluster is the foundation of the

        Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics (MITP)

        which provides new opportunities for programs and workshops across all disciplines.