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Mainz University successful in Germany's Excellence Strategy program: PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence approved
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International Committee of Experts vote to award PRISMA+ EUR 64 million of funding for cutting-edge research in Mainz  ... 

IceCube researchers manage for the first time to identify the source of a neutrino from the depths of the cosmos
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Elementary particle originated from a galaxy three billion light years from Earth / Black hole acts as particle accelerator  ... 

Mysterious IceCube event may be caused by a tau neutrino
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Theoretical physicists calculate the origin of a high-energy particle track captured by the IceCube Neutrino Observatory  ... 

More role models in the natural sciences
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Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science hosts the ‘Women of Mathematics and beyond’ exhibition  ... 

Centerpiece for new accelerator delivered
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Specialist manufacturer supplies the two cryomodules for the new MESA accelerator at the PRISMA Cluster of Excellence  ... 

New sensitivity record in the search of dark matter
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XENON1T sets new limits for WIMPs / Scientists from Mainz rank amongst the founding members of the XENON programme in the search of dark matter  ... 

EU funding for four outstanding early-career researchers in Physics and Palaeogenomics at Mainz University

Individual Fellowships provided through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions program support new research projects  ... 

A step closer to the nuclear clock
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Oscillations in the atomic nucleus of thorium-229 to be used as pulse generator for future nuclear clocks  ... 

Trying to solve the puzzle of Dark Matter - Joachim Kopp at the CERN Research Center
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Theoretical physicist Joachim Kopp spends research semester at the CERN in Geneva to conduct data analysis on Dark Matter.  ... 

Extremely rare kaon decays give hope for a new insight into physics
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New experiment at CERN shows first results / Scientists hope for further data evaluations to help check the consistency of the Standard Model.  ... 

Inspiring Students for a Study in Physics
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VIDEO - SWR Aktuell Rheinland-Pfalz

Greta Waltenberg (high school senior at Maria Ward Gymnasium Mainz) and Christian Schneider (supervisor of the school programs in Physics at JGU) talk about Mainz Master Classes -  an insight for pupils into the world of academic physics for pupils.  ... 

Physicists from Mainz University Become Quiz Heroes in the Southwest
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Dr. Christian Schneider and Karl Geib, both of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) won the SWR quiz show „Quiz Helden”. The episode was broadcast March 4th on SWR TV. In an exciting game of puzzling and trivia, the two physicists showed how their expertise can help them answer tricky questions about the region without the use of mathematical formulas.  ... 

Harvey Meyer is awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant for fundamental calculations on strong interaction effects
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JGU-Teilchenphysiker Harvey Meyer forscht zu Materie, die aus der starken Wechselwirkung von Quarks und Gluonen nach dem Big Bang entstanden ist  ... 

An exclusive glance at the new cryo modules for MESA
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The first cryomodule for the new MESA accelerator will be delivered in early March. Kurt Aulenbacher and his team were able to visit the manufacturing center and take their first look into the heart of the new MESA accelerator.


Celebratory Signing of a Partnership Agreement with the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research in Mumbai
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On December 12th, 2017, Matthias Neubert, Speaker for the PRISMA Cluster of Excellence and Director of the Mainz Institute of Theoretical Physics (MITP), signed a new partnership agreement with the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (TIFR) in Mumbai, India.  ... 

Record-Breaking Science Communication: Physics, Live on the Radio
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Christian Schneider, Project Leader for School Programs and Scientific Communication at JGU’s Cluster of Excellence PRISMA, discussed the Guinness World Record and how much he enjoys talking about physics with schoolchildren  ... 

Mainz physicists propose a new method for monitoring nuclear waste
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Scientists demonstrate scenarios for using neutrino detectors in nuclear interim storage facilities  ... 

New record at ultracold neutron source in Mainz
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TRIGA research reactor at Mainz University improved the yield of its ultracold neutron source by a factor of 3.5 to 8.5 ultracold neutrons per cubic centimeter  ... 

Good start into the German Excellence Strategy competition: JGU to submit full proposal for its PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence
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International expert committee approves the PRISMA+ proposal for the final round of the nationwide competition  ... 

New theory on the origin of dark matter
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Theoretical physicists at Mainz University present an alternative to the WIMP paradigm  ... 

Physicists of Mainz University win world record
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Guinness World Records™ confirms Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz as holder of the world record for the largest magnetic ball accelerator / Hundreds of visitors fascinated by insights into the world of physics  ... 

XENON1T proves to be the most sensitive detector on Earth searching for WIMP dark matter
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Now the most sensitive dark matter experiment world-wide can much better listen for the very weak voice of dark matter

-- Joint press release of the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg and the universities of Freiburg, Mainz, and Münster --  ... 

ERC Consolidator Grant for physicist Johannes Henn
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About 2 Million EURO for developping novel calculation methods in theoretical physics (press release in German)  ... 

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz to collaborate with US research center Fermilab near Chicago
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Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) is expanding the range of its international research collaboration projects. During a visit to the world-famous Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), the USA's national research laboratory for particle and high-energy physics, JGU President Professor Georg Krausch and the Director of Fermilab, Professor Nigel Lockyer, signed an agreement on closer collaboration.  ... 

Particle physicist William Shepherd receives prestigious Sofja Kovalevskaja Award in Berlin
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One of the most highly endowed German research awards funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation will be used to establish a junior research group to study dark matter at Mainz University  ... 

TUM and Mainz University activate new source of ultra-cold neutrons
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Collaborative project results in the construction of a second UCN source at the TRIGA research reactor in Mainz / Blueprint for Munich-based high-efficiency source  ... 

Nature Index Ranking confirms cutting-edge research in Physics at Mainz University
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Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is among Germany’s top five academic institutions in the field of Physics  ... 

The deuteron is smaller than previously thought

Just like the proton, the deuteron poses a mystery
The deuteron — one of the simplest atomic nuclei, consisting of just one proton and one neutron — is considerably smaller than previously thought.  ... 

Victor Flambaum becomes new fellow at the Gutenberg Research College at Mainz University
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Theoretical physicist from the University of New South Wales will strengthen the field of nuclear and particle physics in Mainz   ... 

ERC Advanced Grant for experimental physicist Dmitry Budker
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Professor Dmitry Budker has been granted EUR 2.5 million in funding by the European Research Council (ERC) for his new project involving the hunt for dark matter and dark energy.  ... 

The city of Mainz is to become an international center of UCN research for five days
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Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz expects physicists from Germany and abroad at its workshop on the current status of ultracold neutron physics at Waldthausen Castle   ... 

First particles circulate in SuperKEKB accelerator
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Mainz-based physicists involved in detector construction and analysis of future experiments   ... 

German Research Foundation extends its funding for the Collaborative Research Center 1044 "The Low-Energy Frontier of the Standard Model" by fours years
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Physicists at Mainz University conduct research on fundamental aspects of the subatomic world   ...