Overview: PRISMA+ at a Glance

Decades of intense experimental and theoretical research on fundamental interactions have culminated in two key questions:

  • Can we resolve the puzzle of mass?
  • Which phenomena will we encounter beyond the Standard Model?

Further progress can only be achieved in a concerted, coordinated and dedicated research effort, spanning the entire energy range, from cosmological observations and high-energy particle colliders to precision measurements performed at low energy scales.

PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence offers the unique opportunity to launch several new key initiatives and projects, which will considerably enhance the impact of our research on the field at large. PRISMA+ provides a venue for a systematic and complementary study of fundamental interactions and their implications for the internal structure of luminous matter, the dark components of the Universe, and searches for “new physics”.

PRISMA+ covers five research areas:

A: Exploring the intensity frontier at MESA
B: Precision physics at the low-energy frontier
C: Exploring the weakly interacting universe
D: Physics at high-energy accelerators
E: Theory and phenomenology of fundamental interactions

Supplemented by three key structural initiatives:

Mainz Energy-Recovering Superconducting Accelerator (MESA)
 Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics (MITP)
Detector Lab