Kick-off Meeting Irène Joliot-Curie Programme

On 12 December 2013, all women in and around PRISMA are invited to participate in the Kick-off Meeting of the Irène Joliot-Curie Programme (IJCP). The event takes place in room 0-236 of the Physical Chemistry starting at 10:30. For more details on the programme please download infosheet.

The Irène Joliot-Curie Programme of the PRISMA Cluster of Excellence aims to support participating women at all stages of their scientific careers. Equality is enshrined in PRISMA as a structural target on both the scientific and institutional level. This structural framework aims to create new opportunities to systematically promote gender equality in science.

The Irène Joliot- Curie Blog is a forum for women in and around the PRISMA Cluster of Excellence. Princicpal Investigator Concettina Sfienti writes about all aspects of a scientific career. This blog offers help, tips and tricks, and practical information for all career stages. First and foremost, however, this blog provides women in PRISMA with a venue for discussion and exchange. All of you are invited to participate actively in shaping the programme and to contribute ideas of your own — social media and real life are complementary entities.

The Kick-Off-event was accompanied on film offering impressions of this day´s program.