Networking and Exchange

MPA PhD network on Mattermost – A chat platform for exchange, learning and networking

Mattermost is an instant messenger that can be used for communication between the working groups of the physics institutes.


  • Exchange between working groups and peer-to-peer support: Team members can communicate in a social environment that builds cross-team relationships and increases the flow of information.
  • Exchange of messages and files between team members
  • Accessible from PCs and mobile devices alike
  • All data is hosted on servers of the ZDV


  • A team is a digital workspace where you and your teammates can collaborate. As a team you can create several topic-related channels, in which all group members can communicate and exchange information.
  • Max. 500 users per team and max. 2000 channels per team
  • The integration of many other services such as BigBlueButton is possible via webhooks.

Target Group and Signing-in

The team “PhD network” has been created exclusively for PhD students of Physics at JGU. To register, please use your university e-mail address. An invitation is required to access the created PhD network on Mattermost. For your information, Mattermost uses GitLab to register. More information can be found on the website of the ZDV.

If desired, faculty members und lab members can be invited as guests.

The MPA PhD network team on Mattermost will start in summer term 2021.
Further requests and suggestions on how to operate the network are welcome.

To register, please fill in all the fields in the short form.