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First measurement of a nuclear recoil signal from solar neutrinos with XENONnT

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At the IDM conference in L’Aquila (IT), the XENONnT collaboration announced the first measurement of low-energy nuclear recoils from neutrinos produced in nuclear reactions inside the sun, particularly those involving the element boron. ...

Press release of the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (INFN)

New CRC 1660: Hadrons and Nuclei as Discovery Tools

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Collaborative Research Centre at JGU's Institute for Nuclear Physics seeks new physical phenomena through a better understanding of strong interaction processes. ...
Understanding the universe: SHiP experiment promises new insights into the world of elementary particles

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Researchers from six German scientific institutions contribute significantly to the new experiment at the CERN research center for particle physics with detector developments. ...
ERC Advanced Grant for Maarten Boonekamp in collaboration with Jens Erler and Frank Maas

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New physics in parity violation: From the Thomson limit to the energy frontier. The consortium of Professor Maarten Boonekamp from Université Paris-Saclay as spokesperson and Professor Jens Erler and Professor Frank Maas of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant for their project Zeptometry. ...
Mainz hosts the 16th Terascale Detector Workshop

Image linkBorn within the Helmholtz Alliance “Physics at the Terascale”, a network of German research institutes working on experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, the Terascale Detector Workshop has now reached its 16th edition ...


Matthias Neubert named Erwin Schrödinger Visiting Scientist 2024

Image linkAwarded for outstanding contributions to the field of theoretical elementary particle physics with a visiting professorship in Vienna ...

Searching for axions with the ATLAS detector

Image linkLatest measurements provide valuable information on novel particles that could explain the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon ...

Powerful magnets for MAGIX

Image linkCore components for the upcoming MESA experiment MAGIX have arrived in Mainz ...

Calculation of the proton radius significantly improved

Image linkTheoretical physicists at the PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence present new comprehensive lattice calculations ...

On the track of elusive neutrinos

Image linkProject 8 experiment reaches important milestone to measure neutrino mass ...

Made in Germany and big in Japan: Pixel Vertex detector installed in Belle II experiment

Image linkConcettina Sfienti's research group at the Institute for Nuclear Physics is involved in design and construction ...

Muon g-2 collaboration doubles precision with latest measurement

Image linkUncharted territory explored in search of new physics ...

Marvin Schnubel receives Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Image linkNew theoretical model to help in the search for new physics ...

Thorium-229: A new approach to investigation opens up a wide range of possibilities

Image linkInternational research team reveals in Physical Review Research how the first nuclear transition can be excited with lasers in the visible wavelength range ...

New electron scattering experiment designed for the excitation of the helium nucleus raises fundamental questions about our current understanding of nuclear forces

Image linkTheoretical predictions and new experimental data on 4He, measured with great accuracy, diverge significantly from each other ...

Second ERC Advanced Grant for Matthias Neubert

Image linkNovel theoretical predictions to advance the search for new physics at the LHC / Funding worth EUR 2.5 million ...

Improved ATLAS result weighs in on W boson

Image linkAn improved ATLAS measurement of the W boson mass is in line with the Standard Model of particle physics ...

First WIMP search results from the XENONnT experiment

Image linkPhD student Daniel Wenz from Mainz University presents data at a seminar at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso in Italy ...

First neutrinos made by particle collider detected

Image linkDiscovery promises to help physicists understand the nature of the universe's most abundant particle ...

New possibilities in the theoretical prediction of particle interactions

Image link Team of scientists at Mainz University finds a way to evaluate highly complex Feynman integrals ...

Amplified search for new forces

Image link Special setup uses polarized rubidium and xenon as transmitter and receiver system for exotic fields ...

A new model for dark matter

Image link Phase transition in the early universe changes strength of interaction between dark and normal matter ...


IceCube neutrinos give us first glimpse into the inner depths of an active galaxy

Image link Mainz-based scientists have been members of the IceCube consortium since 1999 ...

Newly discovered optical effect allows IceCube to deduce ice crystal properties

Image link Understanding the ice: Mainz team of scientists succeeds in seeing through the diffuse ice of Antarctica ...

The anomalous magnetic moment of the muon – a new conundrum comes to light

Image link New calculations based on fundamental theories deviate from the currently accepted theoretical value ...

10 years PRISMA Cluster of Excellence at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Image link Significant scientific success and fantastic research opportunities at the Mainz Gutenberg Campus ...

Click here for the picture gallery "10 years of PRISMA" on October 10 at the Staatstheater Mainz

Quantum mechanics put to the test: one and two may not equal three

Image linkThree scientists - among them Prof. Dmitry Budker from the Mainz Cluster of Excellence PRISMA+ - propose test for hypothesis of Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg...

After three years: start of first particle collisions at unprecedented energies at LHC

Image linkThe ATLAS detector more powerful than ever – with major contributions from Mainz University ...

Photon-photon interactions in the Standard Model and beyond: New research unit at JGU granted DFG funding

Image linkA pure quantum effect as the key to a better understanding of the subatomic world / New research program in Mainz bundles a wide range of expertise ...

Worldwide coordinated search for dark matter

Image linkSensor network GNOME publishes comprehensive data in Nature Physics for the first time / Nine stations in six countries involved

Matter-antimatter symmetry and antimatter gravity studied at once

Image linkBASE collaboration sets new standards / Research group from the PRISMA + Cluster of Excellence at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz involved in publication in Nature