The Detector Lab can draw on numerous modern laboratories as well as innovative measuring and test facilities. This infrastructure enables us to successfully conduct both, cutting edge detector R&D and major construction products.

Cosmic-ray test stand This setup is used for the test and calibration of detector modules using cosmic-ray muons. It consists of a top and bottom layer of trigger detectors with 2x12 crossed scintillator strips. The test stand is placed inside a large (1.8m x 1.3m) ventilated dark box. DAQ and logic
modules (e.g. VME based) are available.
Granite table (under laminar flow unit) For the construction and automized inspection of large-size (~m²) detector modules, a granite table with a nominal planarity <15µm is available. It is equipped with motorized xyz-stages holding a laser distance-sensor and a camera for surface scanning, and a confocal 3D microscope head for in-depth inspection. The whole setup is placed under a laminar flow unit (ISO 5/6).
stencil printer An assembly line for PCBs is available, consisting of a stencil printer (upper picture), a pick&place machine (lower picture), and a vapor-phase soldering oven. SMD components and through-hole components can be handled, supplied automatically from reels, tubes, and trays. For example, Eurocards and 6U rack-format PCBs can be produced.
pick&place machine
stencil printer A 3D-printing workshop is currently being set up. Several printers will
be available, the first one is already commissioned and in operation.
With this first device, parts made from fiber-reinforced plastics can be
printed up to a volume of 330mm x 270mm x 200mm.
  • Electrical benches, microscope, infrared camera, function generators, oscilloscopes
  • FPGA development kits, system-on-chip and single-board-computer programming
  • Electronic Design Automation and CAD tools (Cadence, Mentor, Xilinx, Altera, COMSOL)
  • Darkroom laboratory and boxes, optical tables (with lasers, lamps, xyz systems)
  • Climate chamber and laminar flow units
  • Gas and high-voltage supply, mass spectrometer, radioactive sources
  • Vacuum oven and vacuum distillation plant
  • Laser engraving system

Users of the detector laboratory can find further details on the individual measuring and test facilities on the Internal website.