Travel Funds and going abroad

PRISMA+ supports its PhD students and postdocs with a dedicated travel fund to enable the attendance of conferences, collaboration meetings, and schools. The travel allowance is 1.000 € p.a. for PhD students and 2.000 € for postdocs. Please submit the following form (xlsx document) which already includes a “Dienstreiseantrag” (business trip application form) to the PRISMA+ coordination office (ca. 3 months before the planned trip). After the trip, you will need to fill the form “Antrag auf Reisekostenvergütung” and hand it in to your group secretary or the PRISMA+ coordination office in order to be reimbursed.

The collaboration between JGU and Fermilab supports JGU´s junior researchers to spend a period of several months at one of the world´s leading high-energy physics institutions. Eligible for application are PhD students, postdocs, and (junior) group leaders of JGU. Applicants, respectively their working groups, are only expected to cover the travel expenses. Housing will be provided by the partner institute. The exchange is available e.g., for lab visits, scientific collaboration meetings and workshops or practical training courses. If you are interested, please fill out the application form and hand it in with all the attachments at the THEP secretary or by email ( Please hand in your declaration of interest at least 3 months before the stay. There are no submission deadlines and the exchange program is applicable for all members of JGU – either from experimental or theory groups. Decisions will be taken typically within 4 weeks.

The MITP holds a network of several international centers for theoretical physics and fosters the bilateral exchange of scientists and junior researchers. MITP Outgoing fellowships gives PRISMA+ postdocs and PhD students the chance to spend several months at one of the partner institutions for a research visit. Up to twelve fellowships are awarded annually. Interested young researchers can contact Prof. Dr. Tobias Hurth (Scientific Coordinator MITP) and Olga Zeeh-Sourli (Manager Administration and Guest Relations MITP) for further information. Applications should be sent to the MITP office (