School Programs

The scientists at the PRISMA Excellence Cluster consider it their responsibility not only to keep the public informed about current projects, but also to contribute to physics education, particularly of high scool students. In order to get kids excited about physics, they bring increasingly important and interesting experiments into the schools, and that’s a job for the “Physikmobil”: a van packed with fun interactive experiments that our scientists can bring into the classrooms. A set of cloud chambers, for example. In this way, the cosmic radiation that causes the aurorae becomes accessible even to younger children.

For older children, we offer a Masterclasses Particle Physics, which focuses on major questions in that field, such as: how was the Higgs boson discovered? And what are protons made of? In an exciting day of science, kids can analyze data from CERN’s ATLAS detector themselves.

These and many other experiments can be booked for free from the “Physikmobil”. More information is available on the page for school programs on the JGU physics department website (in German).