Extra-curricular activities

JGU and its partners offer a variety of courses that support young researchers to further develop their transferable skill set. Those courses are meant as an additional qualification during the scientific qualification of young researchers.

Presentation Skills

This module helps students to improve their personal presentation skills. A theoretical introduction is followed by exercises, which turn the acquired knowledge into personal experience.
• How to structure a presentation so that the audience can it follow easily
• Designing slides
• Use of visual aids and technical equipment
• Dealing with interruptions, handling questions
• Keeping an eye on the time
• Finishing in a hurry, what to do when nervous
• Exercises deal with posture, breathing, voice and body language.
The students are given individual feedback and get the chance to watch themselves on tape.

Date 31.08. + 01.09.2020 as well as 02.09. + 03.09.2020
Organizer IMB - Institute of Molecular Biology

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Presenting in English

Presenting in your own language is difficult enough, but in today’s global environment more and more post‐graduates are required to attend international events and/or present their research in English. This 2 day online-seminar will look at what makes an effective presentation, focussing on language skills, non‐verbal communication and intercultural issues.

Date 07.09. + 10.09.2020
Organizer Zentrum für Qualitätssicherung und -entwicklung (ZQ)

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Academic Writing in English (Natural Sciences)

Nowadays success in science involves publishing articles in international journals in English. The English you learned at school is not sufficient; you need to master the formal English required for scientific texts. The objective of this onlineworkshopis to improve your ability to produce clear, precise and readable academic texts. During the workshop you will work on a piece of scientific writing you have written and will receive individual correction and feedback from the instructor per email after the workshop.

Date 28.09. + 06.10.2020
Organizer Zentrum für Qualitätssicherung und -entwicklung (ZQ)

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Proposal Writing - Key factors for success

The design of the workshop is such, that you will work with your current or a future scientific subject in order to apply the content of the workshop directly to your specific needs. Major focus of the proposal writing will be a strong title, a convincing summary and strategic considerations to develop a project plan with an adequate budget. We will discuss the concept and content of proposals, their evaluation and principles of the funding system with relevance for proposal writing. You also get to know unwritten rules you should keep in mind, when applying for extramural funds. Optional, participants, who are currently writing a proposal can bring their summary for analysis and further development.

Date 09.11.2020
Organizer IMB - Institute of Molecular Biology

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Applied Project Management

In this online-course participants will get familiar with basic methodsof project management.They will solidify the learned methods by applying them to their own PhD-projects. Hence, this course will help participants toget a grip on theirPhD-project.

Date 21./22./30.09. + 01.10.2020
Organizer Zentrum für Qualitätssicherung und -entwicklung (ZQ)

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You’ve spent the last few years deeply involved in academia and research. Now you’ve finally got your PhD and have to enter the real world. Congratulations! Finding a job in the private sector working for an international company is a dream for many. However, understanding job adverts and knowing what the company actually wants is not as straight forward as you might think.

Date 11.09.2020
Organizer Center for Quality Assurance and Development

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Career planning and Application (non-academic)

How to shape your future (14&15 September 2020 online)
How to apply for a job and be hired (5/6 November 2020, Classroom or online event)

Date several dates (see above)
Organizer Human Ressources Development Department
What to Do with a PhD? Professional Orientation for PhD Students

The participants in this online workshop obtaininformation on and an overview ofthe requirements forvarious career paths outside of the academic field. The career options presented will relate both tocareer paths that requiresubject-specific knowledge andto careersfocusingratheron intellectual abilities and soft skills. In learningabout their own competencies, personality traits and motivators, the participants may find out more about which careers fit theirrespective skill sets and reflect upon their own ideas oftheircareer goals.As a result, the participants shall be able to plan their application process strategically and efficiently.

Date 15.10.2020
Organizer Center for Quality Assurance and Development

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Storytelling Techniques for Academics

Objectives: The activity-based workshop, led by a theatre professional, provides you with the opportunity to use storytelling techniques in communicating your research to both scientific and general audiences. Throughout the workshop, you will be guided through interactive exercises to improve your language skills and presentation structuring. Ultimately you will learn storytelling techniques and explore strategies for dynamically communicating and highlighting your core ideas and research.
Description: Most presenters are comfortable using a standard presentation structure, but often they want to try something new. Talks rarely vary from the known to the unknown in a compelling way and you may want to know how to lead the audience forward to a memorable conclusion. The workshop introduces unique ways of positioning a topic and structuring content by exploring and presenting in a variety of story formats. Presentations are developed, practiced and presented with coaching and feedback.

Date 10.11.2020
Organizer ProWeWin

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Cross-Disciplinary Cooperation and Communication

This course enables you to better cope with different forms and degrees of cross-disciplinary cooperation. It makes you aware of your disciplinary background and how it possibly influences your behaviour in multidisciplinary settings. It gives insights into what it takes to foster excellent cooperation in cross-disciplinary research groups.
You …
• are aware of your own disciplinary background
• get insights into specific traits of other disciplines
• know different forms and phases of cross-disciplinary cooperation
• know typical pitfalls and keys to success in cross-disciplinary research
• understand what principles (should) govern cooperation across disciplines
• know methods and techniques of cross-disciplinary cooperation
• broaden your skills to design cross-disciplinary research settings

Date 11. + 18.11.2020
Organizer IMB - Institute of Molecular Biology

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A glimpse of the German system of research and higher education

The course provides an overview of the institutions, programs and degrees in German higher education as well as the structure and underlying principles of research funding in Germany. After the introductory lecture many abbreviations will no longer sound like words from a foreign language to you. The talk is followed by a discussion, e.g., about the way the German system of higher education works and in which direction it might develop in the upcoming years. As the agenda in this interactive part is set up by the participants you are invited to bring in your questions and concerns. The course will help you to manage the funds for your research group in an effective way and to plan institutional development in a sustainable way.

Date 10.11.2020
Organizer Human Ressources Development Department

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