Extra-curricular activities

JGU and its partners offer a variety of courses that support young researchers to further develop their transferable skill set. Those courses are meant as an additional qualification during the scientific qualification of young researchers.

Only courses in English are listed. Workshops in german can be found on the German MPA website.

Slidewriting – Create clear slides quickly (Online Training)

Are you fed up with creating presentations? Does it take too long? Are you wasting time on formatting and lacking screen space for your ideas? Moreover, do you get the feeling that your slides do not always excite your audience? The goal of this training is to quickly create slides and stories that make you stand out, e.g. for a conference, an internal meeting, your thesis defense etc.

Datum 18. + 19.03.2024
Veranstalter TU Darmstadt

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[Online Coaching]: Individual career coaching for postdocs

What is next after your doctorate or postdoc phase? In the post-doctoral phase, there is often the challenge of making more fundamental career decisions, developing and implementing an individual strategy for your own career. In fact, as an academic, you have excellent opportunities to pursue a career path that suits you.

JGU's Human Resources Development would like to support you in developing and realising your own career strategy with an individual coaching offer. If you decide to take advantage of this offer, you will have the opportunity to focus and work on your individual counselling needs in up to 5 coaching sessions with an external career coach.

Datum Individual appointments
Veranstalter Human Resources Development

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The International Study and Language College ISSK offers German courses every semester. More information: https://issk-en.uni-mainz.de/foreign-languages/registration-for-the-foreign-language-courses/
Overcoming a bad mood (online)

Are you having a hard time getting your bearings in Germany? Are phases where you’re in a bad mood no stranger to you? Do you overthink things?

Learn how to break through negative patterns of thinking and how to defeat and prevent the blues.

Datum 22.11., 29.11., 06.12. and 13.12.2023
Veranstalter Psychotherapeutische Beratungsstelle (PBS)

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Getting the PhD done! Time-management and Self-organization for Doctoral Candidates

Being a doctoral cadidate means to experience much more autonomy than in many other fields of activity. This however, requires high levels of self-organization. In this workshop you will be introduced to several aspects of effectively organizing your PhD project. You will reflect on your individual use of time and develop strategies for motivating yourself on the long run.

Datum 16.02.2024
Veranstalter TU Darmstadt

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Breaking Barriers: Mastering Effective Communication and Managing Conflicts

We begin by increasing our level of empathy through analyzing the different layers of communication and separating the distinct sides of a message. Understanding conflicts, which often originate from miscommunication, can be achieved through changing perspectives. Using example scenarios, we sensitize ourselves to possible sources of conflicts. You will learn strategies to prevent conflicts and further how to minimize their negative outcome if they occur.

Datum 07. + 08.03. 2024
Veranstalter TU Darmstadt

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