Extra-curricular activities

JGU and its partners offer a variety of courses that support young researchers to further develop their transferable skill set. Those courses are meant as an additional qualification during the scientific qualification of young researchers.

Presentation Training for a Virtual Stage: Engaging the Listener in Your Talk

The interactive workshop led by a theater professional, enhances the participants presentation skills in a video conferencing format. The training helps presenters to effectively communicate the importance and relevance of their topic and the core message in their presentation in an online platform. Constructive feedback from the trainer and group members as well as a review of their recording give the speakers a healthy amount of input while perfecting their online presentation skills.

Date 26. + 27.11.2020
Organizer INGENIUM TU Darmstadt

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Cross-Disciplinary Cooperation and Communication

This course enables you to better cope with different forms and degrees of cross-disciplinary cooperation. It makes you aware of your disciplinary background and how it possibly influences your behaviour in multidisciplinary settings. It gives insights into what it takes to foster excellent cooperation in cross-disciplinary research groups.
You …
• are aware of your own disciplinary background
• get insights into specific traits of other disciplines
• know different forms and phases of cross-disciplinary cooperation
• know typical pitfalls and keys to success in cross-disciplinary research
• understand what principles (should) govern cooperation across disciplines
• know methods and techniques of cross-disciplinary cooperation
• broaden your skills to design cross-disciplinary research settings

Date 11. + 18.11.2020
Organizer IMB - Institute of Molecular Biology

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Intercultural Conflict Management

• To develop strategies for dealing with intercultural misunderstandings and conflicts
• To identify and train strategies of conflict management
• To train the change of perspectives and separate interpretation from evaluation
• To empathize with other mentalities and question one’s own way of thinking

Datum 11. + 12.01.2021
Veranstalter GRADE Uni Frankfurt

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Practicing Transparent Research with Open Science

“Open Science” is currently a prominent buzzword referring to different practices and principles for making all products of the research process (publications, material, data, code etc.) publicly available. Funding organizations start to require open practices for supported research projects. An additional motivation are reputation crises in several empirical sciences, triggered by lacking reproducibility of publishedresults. This leads to shifting standards reflecting a need to make scientific practice more robust. The online workshop aims at empowering participants to take the first steps in applying open-science procedures to make their own research more transparent and to face the increasing pressure to practice research transparently.

You will acquire background knowledge on the current reproducibility crisis and its causes, get an understanding of the different facets of open-science practice with an emphasis on the empirical research cycle. Most importantly, you will reflect on your own research experience and will learn to practically apply different tools for your projects.
Topics that will be covered include:
• Power analysis
• Statistical issues
• Pre-registration
• Open material/open code
• Open data
• Legal issues

Datum 01.02.2021
Veranstalter GRADE Uni Frankfurt

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