Extra-curricular activities

JGU and its partners offer a variety of courses that support young researchers to further develop their transferable skill set. Those courses are meant as an additional qualification during the scientific qualification of young researchers.

Proposal Writing - Key factors for success

The design of the workshop is such, that you will work with your current or a future scientific subject in order to apply the content of the workshop directly to your specific needs. Major focus of the proposal writing will be a strong title, a convincing summary and strategic considerations to develop a project plan with an adequate budget. We will discuss the concept and content of proposals, their evaluation and principles of the funding system with relevance for proposal writing. You also get to know unwritten rules you should keep in mind, when applying for extramural funds. Optional, participants, who are currently writing a proposal can bring their summary for analysis and further development.

Date 09.11.2020
Organizer IMB - Institute of Molecular Biology

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How to apply for a job and be hired: Tailor Made Job Applications for Researchers
The workshop will provide you with an overview over the different employment opportunities available. You will learn which strategies you can apply to find a job that matches your personal and professional profile and employment options.

Date 11.05.2020 + 12.05.2020
Organizer Human Ressources Development Department JGU

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Young Entrepreneurs in Science
You almost made it but aren’t sure how to pursue life after completing your PhD? While working scientifically you appreciate the “thinking outside the box” but at the same time you ask yourself if you could also implement your ideas in the start-up or corporate world? You feel like exploring all sorts of founding ideas with other PhDs and Postdocs? The four-day workshop Young Entrepreneurs in Science introduces you to PhDs and Postdocs from various scientific backgrounds and academic institutions.

Date 12./13.05.2020 (part 1) + 09./10.06.2020 (part 2)
Organizer Young Entrepreneurs in Science

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Self-initiated job application
Whilst this workshop is about speculative applications, it is not a simple “how to” guide. Instead, the participants of this workshop will understand how they can actively shape the process of finding a job away from usual job portals and how they can create and advertise their own job.

Date 15.06.2020
Organizer IMB - Institute of Molecular Biology

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