Press Releases 2020 – 2021

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Amplified signal and extreme sensitivity: on the trail of light dark matter particles

Image linkNew nuclear magnetic resonance technique is five orders of magnitude more sensitiveteam with participation from Mainz and Darmstadt measures neutron form factors with previously unattained precision ...

New insights into the structure of the neutron

Image linkAn international research team with participation from Mainz and Darmstadt measures neutron form factors with previously unattained precision ...

IceCube analysis puts most general constraints on nonstandard neutrino interactions

Image link Team of scientists of the PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence lead on new publication ...

In the trap: New method for cooling charged particles

Image link System consisting of two Penning traps connected to an electrical resonant circuit transmits the cooling power of laser-cooled ions

Atomic nuclei and leptons: milestone in the calculation of cross sections

Image link Precise theoretical predictions relevant for future neutrino experiments ...

Joint appointment at JGU and Fermilab: Alfons Weber is JGU's new W3 Professor of Experimental Particle Physics

Image link Appointment represents further expansion of PRISMA+ neutrino physics research program ...

Borexino Collaboration receives award

Image link European Physical Society acknowledges groundbreaking research into solar neutrinos with Giuseppe and Vanna Cocconi Prize 2021 ...

Mounting hope for new physics

Image link
Muon g-2 Collaboration releases a first result of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon / Gathering evidence for a genuine discrepancy between experiment and theory...

Unprecedented accuracy: Theoretical physicists at PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence calculate the radius of the proton

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New calculations favor a smaller value for the size of the proton, helping to resolve the proton radius puzzle...

Whispers from the dark side: What can gravitational waves reveal about dark matter?

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Scientists of the PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence analyze data from the gravitational wave observatory NANOGrav ...

PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence: Double award by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

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Postdoc Joanna Sobczyk receives Humboldt Research Fellowship / Professor Matthias Schott selected as Humboldt Scout

Searching for dark matter through the fifth dimension

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A discovery in theoretical physics could help to unravel the mysteries of dark matter ...

Size of helium nucleus measured more precisely than ever before

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In contrast to the proton radius, there is no contradiction between the new, more precise value and the measurements with other methods ...

BASE opens up new possibilities in the search for cold dark matter

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Research group at the Cluster of Excellence PRISMA+ at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) involved in publication in Physical Review Letters...


Solar CNO neutrinos observed for the first time

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'Ghostly' particles are proof of the secondary fusion process that powers our Sun ...

Dark matter from the depths of the universe

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PRISMA+ scientists propose exotic low-mass fields as new messengers of astrophysical events ...

Dmitry Budker receives Norman F. Ramsey Prize of the American Physical Society

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Physicist of the PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence and the Helmholtz Institute Mainz honored for groundbreaking work in the precision spectroscopy of atoms and molecules ...

Dionysis Antypas receives ERC Starting Grant for research on Atomic Parity Violation (APV)

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A novel platform aims to answer fundamental questions in nuclear and particle physics ...

Mass of the deuteron corrected

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Scientists from Heidelberg, Mainz and Darmstadt publish results in Nature ...

Extremely rare decay process identified

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Results of the NA62 collaboration are a milestone in the search for new physics ...

New 'super light source' should allow fascinating insights into atoms

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International team of scientists with Mainz participation proposes plans for high-intensity gamma radiation source at CERN

Searching for clues beneath the Earth's surface

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Using a network of gravimeters, Mainz-based scientists are attempting to track down weakly interacting matter in the interior of the Earth ...

Belle II: World record in the accelerator ring

Image linkSuperKEKB accelerator ring achieved the highest luminosity ever measured ...

Surprising Signal in the XENON1T Dark Matter Experiment

Image linkScientists from the international XENON collaboration announced today that data from their XENON1T, the world's most sensitive dark matter experiment, show a surprising excess of events. ...

The broken mirror: Can parity violation in molecules finally be measured?

Image linkScientists from the PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence and the Helmholtz Institute Mainz propose a promising way to detect parity violation in molecules for the first time...

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz to welcome Gilad Perez, winner of a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award

Image linkEminent scientist from the Weizmann Institute to conduct research into dark matter and fundamental new physics as a guest member of Dmitry Budker's group...

Nature Index ranking confirms Mainz University being a top physics research institution

Image linkJohannes Gutenberg University Mainz is one of the ten most research-intensive German universities in physics ...

Belle II yields first results in search of the Z' boson

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Physical Review Letters has published first results of the detector ...

International research collaboration including scientists from Mainz University measures the electric dipole moment of the neutron with unprecedented accuracy

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Researchers track down the mystery of the surplus of matter (text: PSI/JGU) ...

From China to the South Pole: Joining forces to solve the neutrino mass puzzle

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Study by Mainz physicists indicates that the next generation of neutrino experiments may well find the answer to one of the most pressing issues in neutrino physics ...

Signals from inside the Earth: Borexino Experiment releases new data on geoneutrinos

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Exclusive insight into processes and conditions in the Earth's interior ...