Professor Dr. Matthias Neubert
Illustration Institute of Physics
Theoretical High Energy Physics (THEP)
Staudingerweg 7
55128 Mainz
Tel.: +49 6131 39-23681
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Cluster Coordinator and Director
Structural Initiative: Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics (MITP)
Theoretical elementary-particle physics, QCD and collider physics, flavor physics and CP violation, effective field theories, physics beyond the Standard Model


Professor Dr. Hartmut Wittig
Illustration Institute for Nuclear Physics
Theory Group
J.-J.-Becherweg 45
55128 Mainz
Tel.: +49 6131 39-26808
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Cluster Coordinator and Director
Mainz Physics Academy
Lattice QCD, physics of hadrons, flavour physics


Helga Juli
PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence
Staudingerweg 9
55128 Mainz
Tel.: +49 6131 39-21840
General Manager