Center for Fundamental Physics (CFP)

In June 2015, the German Council of Science and Humanities approved the funding of the new research building "Center for Fundamental Physics (CFP)". The new reserach building will provide the necessary infrastructure to implement the extended PRISMA+ research program. It consists of two separate parts: After its commissioning, the CFP will provide office and laboratory space as well as an underground experimental hall.

The underground experimental hall will provide the necessary space and infrastructure for the MESA accelerator and experimental facility. The hall will cover the need for additional space as the MESA research program has been significantly extended since its inception.

The above-ground section is planned to accommodate some of the newly established working groups. In addition, this section of the building will house special laboratories for detector development together with a clean room and an assembly hall in which larger detector units can be constructed. There will also be a conference room and office facilities for visiting researchers and the administration.

In spring 2018, the construction works for the subterranean part of the CFP started. In order to build the experiment hall of the new MESA accelerator 10 meters below ground, several annexes and workshop buildings on the site of the Institute of Nuclear Physics had to be removed. The new workshops are now in operation.


Construction progress MESA Experimental hall

Time-lapse film of the CFP I construction site
The film shows in time-lapse the construction of the underground hall for MESA and how it first grows 12 meters deep into the ground and then out of the ground again. The video covers the period from September 2019 to June 2022. Many thanks to Dr. Michael Distler from the Institute for Nuclear Physics, under whose direction the film was created.
© Dr. Michael Distler, Institute for Nuclear Physics
Construction progress in pictures


Concreting of the 2.25 meter thick ceiling on March 26.


Construction progress Office and Laboratory Building