Research Training

In the field of PhD education, Mainz offers potential candidates pursuing individual PhD projects and within structured PhD programs an attractive training environment with a number of career options, among other things, in cooperation with scientific partner institutions in Germany and abroad. In addition to the offers of the General Postgraduate Program of JGU the Helmholtz Graduate School “HGS HIRe for FAIR” provide tailored training for each research area, e.g., technical seminars, training courses on data analysis, and individual career coaching. Both institutions are close cooperation partners of PRISMA+ and thus support scientific skill development and the acquisition of key competences such as project management as well as presentation and communication skills.

Applications for our PhD offers are possible via one of the above-mentioned institutions or via the affiliated working groups of the cluster. A PRISMA+ internship offers concise insights into all ongoing research projects and the research infrastructure in Mainz. For questions concerning PhD programs and internships, please contact the PRISMA+ Office.