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Mainz University, Fermilab agree to joint appointment in support of Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment

New appointment to strengthen international neutrino research ...

Upgrade of the IceCube neutrino telescope

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First enhancement of the particle detector at the South Pole is primarily aimed at investigating neutrino oscillation ...

Tracking down dark matter

Physicists at Mainz University intend to detect axions using a new comagnetometer configuration ...

New European project at the forefront of strong interaction studies

EU project "STRONG-2020" brings together 44 institutes from all over Europe conducting research on the strong interaction ...

Astroparticle physicists observe the longest half-life ever directly measured

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Detector for dark matter search provides impressive measurement results / Publication in Nature ...

Physicists analyze the rotational dynamics of galaxies and the influence of the mass of the photon

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Could the effect of photon mass on the gaseous components in galaxies be as strong as that of dark matter? ...


Atomic parity violation research reaches new milestone

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Measurement of parity violation for different isotopes of atomic ytterbium agrees with predictions of the Standard Model of particle physics ...

Peering into the Sun from the depths of the Gran Sasso massif: Borexino sheds light on solar neutrinos

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Borexino Collaboration publishes results of research into the Sun's 'ghost particles' in Nature ...

Mainz University successful in Germany's Excellence Strategy program: PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence approved

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International Committee of Experts vote to award PRISMA+ EUR 64 million of funding for cutting-edge research in Mainz ...

IceCube researchers manage for the first time to identify the source of a neutrino from the depths of the cosmos

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Elementary particle originated from a galaxy three billion light years from Earth / Black hole acts as particle accelerator ...

Mysterious IceCube event may be caused by a tau neutrino

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Theoretical physicists calculate the origin of a high-energy particle track captured by the IceCube Neutrino Observatory ...

More role models in the natural sciences

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Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science hosts the ‘Women of Mathematics and beyond’ exhibition ...

Centerpiece for new accelerator delivered

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Specialist manufacturer supplies the two cryomodules for the new MESA accelerator at the PRISMA Cluster of Excellence ...

New sensitivity record in the search of dark matter

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XENON1T sets new limits for WIMPs / Scientists from Mainz rank amongst the founding members of the XENON programme in the search of dark matter ...

EU funding for four outstanding early-career researchers in Physics and Palaeogenomics at Mainz University

Individual Fellowships provided through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions program support new research projects ...

A step closer to the nuclear clock

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Oscillations in the atomic nucleus of thorium-229 to be used as pulse generator for future nuclear clocks ...

Trying to solve the puzzle of Dark Matter - Joachim Kopp at the CERN Research Center

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Theoretical physicist Joachim Kopp spends research semester at the CERN in Geneva to conduct data analysis on Dark Matter. ...

Extremely rare kaon decays give hope for a new insight into physics

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New experiment at CERN shows first results / Scientists hope for further data evaluations to help check the consistency of the Standard Model. ...

Inspiring Students for a Study in Physics

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VIDEO - SWR Aktuell Rheinland-Pfalz

Greta Waltenberg (high school senior at Maria Ward Gymnasium Mainz) and Christian Schneider (supervisor of the school programs in Physics at JGU) talk about Mainz Master Classes - an insight for pupils into the world of academic physics for pupils. ...

Physicists from Mainz University Become Quiz Heroes in the Southwest

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Dr. Christian Schneider and Karl Geib, both of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) won the SWR quiz show „Quiz Helden”. The episode was broadcast March 4th on SWR TV. In an exciting game of puzzling and trivia, the two physicists showed how their expertise can help them answer tricky questions about the region without the use of mathematical formulas. ...

Harvey Meyer is awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant for fundamental calculations on strong interaction effects

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JGU-Teilchenphysiker Harvey Meyer forscht zu Materie, die aus der starken Wechselwirkung von Quarks und Gluonen nach dem Big Bang entstanden ist ...

An exclusive glance at the new cryo modules for MESA

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The first cryomodule for the new MESA accelerator will be delivered in early March. Kurt Aulenbacher and his team were able to visit the manufacturing center and take their first look into the heart of the new MESA accelerator.


Cosmic x-rays may provide clues to the nature of dark matter

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Physicists propose a new theory of dark matter based on the detection of unusual x-ray radiation from galaxies ...