PRISMA/MAINZ Complementary Skills Workshop: “The Art of Self-Presentation” 2018

Effective Body Language & Communication for Job Interviews & Presentations

Intensive 2 day workshop 6th and 7th of December 2018
Exercise based learning Galli Theater & Training Center, WI
12 participants maximum THU + FRI 9:30am – 5:30pm

Self-Presentation in the way of showing ones strength confidently and authentic at the right moment is an art that has to be practiced. This seminar will provide for essential skills in order to establish a convincing manner and appearance.

What you will learn

  • The seven guidelines of dynamic Body Language & Communication
  • The importance of facial expressions, gestures, posture, breath, timing and voice that apply in professional communicative situations
  • Persuasive power, physical presence, conversational skills
  • Being authentic
  • Expressing ones own strength

Acquired Competencies

  • Passing job interviews
  • Making present and authentic appearances
  • Knowing your strengths and showing them in a positive light
  • Non-verbal presentation
  • Emphasizing discussions through body language
  • Finding the right words and formulations
  • Finding the right timing especially in stressful conversational situations

What makes it important?
Why is “Effective Bodylanguage and Communication”named a professional competence?

The power of communication is generally known and accepted. Words can be defined as an inexhaustible source of misunderstandings: “Is the truth what I say or what you will understand of it?” (Johannes Galli).

Let us not deceive ourselves: The key is not so much of WHAT you say, but HOW you say it and furthermore, the tone of voice, articulation in general and how you can intensify and emphasize language via facial expressions and gestures.

The whole personality is revealed through dynamics of movement, posture, facial expressions, gestures, language and voice.

An impressive fact about body language is that there is never silence in this kind of language but continuous communication. By achieving a certain awareness of those body language signals, old patterns can make space for new possibilities of communication.

Major topics during the Workshop

  • The perfect appearance
  • Breath and Voice
  • Body Language, facial expression, gesture
  • Free speech / speaking in public
  • Preparatory discussions
  • Exercises concerning stage fright and improvement of self-confidence
  • Self-perception & how others see you

How you will be working during the Workshop - Workshop Framework

For the last 30 years Johannes Galli, who is a successful trainer, author, director and actor, has developed a comprehensive method for free personality development in a playful and lively way. The Galli Method is based upon spontaneous role play. This workshop makes use of the Galli Method and takes a practical approach. The main elements include exercises on breath, voice and facial expression. The guidelines of body language and communication will be brought to you in a vivid lecture. Each participant will receive individual feedback concerning his or her expression and presence. Role playing, especially acting out various scenarios related to job interview situations, are going to improve the participants skills required for an effective appearance and successful communication.

Who should attend - Workshop Participants

This workshop is most useful for students preparing for important interviews and those who want to improve their presence and personal charisma in order to successfully pass job interviews.

Your trainer Heidrun Ohnesorge – Profile + Experiences

Heidrun Ohnesorge studied Business Management and Journalism in Berlin. For 15 years she has worked for recruiting agencies, business consultancies and as a human resources consultant for a major publisher in Hamburg. 10 years ago she started working as an actress and trainer for body language and communication according to the Galli Method. She has worked for several corporations like Lufthansa, Caritas, REWE, Uni Frankfurt, ESWE, Blohm & Voss. On stage she can be seen at the Galli Theater in Wiesbaden.