Research Projects

Project Funding period
CALICE Experiment Development, construction and testing of an automatic pick-and-place machine for the mass production of scintillator devices of an hadronic calorimeter system at the International Linear Collider (ILC) 03/2012-12/2013
TRIGA Facility Investigation of a novel material (perfluorinated methylene oxide oligomer, PFMO) for wall storage of ultra-cold neutrons at liquid nitrogen temperature. 03/2013-06/2014
BES-III Search for Exotic Charmonia 01/2014-12/2014
MESA Development and feasibility studies for advanced beam stabilizations and Hydro Møller polarimetry at MESA for preparing the beam delivery and polarimetry for the sin2 θW(P2) high precision measurement 03/2014-08/2015
TRIGA-Spec Key components: Coupling of TRIGA-SPEC to TRIGA and installation of a plasma ion source; Implementation of single-ion detection capabilities at TRIGA-TRAP; High precision mass measurements at transuranium isotopes; Increase of the detection efficiency of TRIGA-LASER 03/2014-03/2016
JUNO (1) Realisation of two optical measure systems to guarantee the optical quality of the szintillator during filling phase and operating period of JUNO; (2) construction of several PMT test stands 03/2015-10/2017