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Attractive Internship Program for Young Talent

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A special internship program regularly succeeds in getting talented young people to come to the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz’s PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence. ...

Centerpiece for new accelerator delivered

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Specialist manufacturer supplies the two cryomodules for the new MESA accelerator at the PRISMA Cluster of Excellence ...

Physicists from Mainz University Become Quiz Heroes in the Southwest

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Dr. Christian Schneider and Karl Geib, both of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) won the SWR quiz show „Quiz Helden”. The episode was broadcast March 4th on SWR TV. In an exciting game of puzzling and trivia, the two physicists showed how their expertise can help them answer tricky questions about the region without the use of mathematical formulas. ...

An exclusive glance at the new cryo modules for MESA

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The first cryomodule for the new MESA accelerator will be delivered in early March. Kurt Aulenbacher and his team were able to visit the manufacturing center and take their first look into the heart of the new MESA accelerator.